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The _ANYTHING_ Sermon
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About Jonathan

Whether you are looking for the "Down-on-his-luck-lawyer-with-a-heart-of-gold", "Arrogant-Entrepreneur-who's-not-as-smart-as-he-thinks", "Reluctant-Hero-Who-Has-To-Believe-In-Himself", or a kind father figure....you've come to the right actor.

Jonathan's acting career started in elementary when his 2nd grade teacher "suggested" he be in the the school Christmas play.  Reluctantly, he played the role of Bunny who wanted new ears for Christmas.


He's been performing ever since.


From theatre and improvisational troupes to television and film, he's been able to work regularly throughout the southeast.  


In addition to acting and performing, he also has 15 years of experience writing sketch comedy and small one acts as well as a series of educational videos for children.


For more info, check out his resume' above and some of his photos below.  For contact/booking information, scroll even further down. There's a handy-dandy form provided to contact his agent directly.  


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Best friend, Best dad, or Best Shirt.
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The "ANYTHING" Sermon
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The Haves and Have Nots
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Lawyer with a heart of gold.
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Holding Up A Wall
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Don't eat off my plate again...
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Agency Contact

919 Collier Road, NW

Atlanta GA 30318


Phone: (404) 603-9454

You have just sent an email to Houghton Talent in regards to booking Jonathan D Williams.

Thanks for your interest!


A while back, a friend of mine showed me a hilarious video on YouTube that highlighted the components of every single Ted Talk ever given entitled "Thought Leader", written and performed by CBC radio.

He said he had always wanted to do a version of it...but about modern preachers. 

He graciously let me take a shot at it instead, and I went to work watching and researching a bunch of different notable preachers preaching styles and techniques and created an amalgam of the common pieces. 


SO, I wrote a "sermon"


I called it...." ANYTHING".  (I even created  a sermon series title package, because...you know...you can't have a sermon without a video intro package...RIGHT!?...heh...)


I was asked to perform it in front of 8,000 pastors and church leaders who were attending a conference.


This was the first and ONLY time I performed it.

I was a little nervous.

Needless to say...I think many of them recognized themselves in some part of this sketch.

So, if you have ever been to church or have ever worked at a church...you might find this funny.  

If not, it's probably not funny.  


And remember...laughing at one's self is the best way to defeat hubris.


And...again, inspired by (and maybe the structure and couple of lines lifted from (the nicest way to say plagiarized) CBC Radio's "Thought Leader." Check that out on YouTube as well.


Other personal acting/casting  sites:

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